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You may want to use imenu with Plainview, which allows for navigating with the help of a menu. In this case add the following to your Emacs startup file (~/.emacs). This work is licensed to you under version 2 of the GNU General Public License.Alternatively, you may choose to receive this work under any other license that grants the right to use, copy, modify, and/or distribute the work, as long as that license imposes the restriction that derivative works have to grant the same rights and impose the same restriction. newsticker.el: Built-in Emacs RSS/Atom feed reader I'm happy using Elfeed, but I didn't even realize that Emacs already has a built-in, dedicated feed reader (as opposed to Gnus, which of course supports RSS/Atom feeds as well): Newsticker provides a Feed Reader for Emacs. It retrieves headlines from a list of news sites, processes them, and provides frontends for reading and managing them. (Standard headline formats are RSS and Atom which makes Newsticker an “RSS Reader”, “Atom Reader” or “Feed Aggregator”.) Feed reader for Emacs 6: newsticker: Speech-enabled NewsTicker, a native Emacs RSS reader. 7: amphetadesk: Emacs front-end to AmphetaDesk 8: rss: Speech-enabled RSS viewer for RSS 0.9, RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0 9: atom: Speech-enabled ATOM viewer.

Emacs newsticker

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Newsticker - [built-in] RSS/Atom Reader for Emacs. Package Management Package Manager. package.el - [built-in] Install and manage Emacs packages easily. paradox - Modernizing Emacs’ Package Menu with package ratings, usage statistics, customizability & more. el-get - apt-get style Emacs packages manager. > We could have newsticker both in Emacs and in ELPA for a time, until If we had two newstickers, one in each repo, would we synchronise them? Or would we freeze one and work on the other?

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In this case add the following to your Emacs startup file (~/.emacs). Newsticker Notify NewstickerNotify is mode display news number at mode-line when you have news fetch by NewsTicker . You can get it from newsticker-notify.el .

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Emacs newsticker

Trying to evolve into an emacs-centered lifestyle, I found out newsticker-tree to read RSS feed.

emacs-ansible 43 10 - Ansible minor mode. puppet-mode 4 5 - Edit Puppet 3 manifests with GNU Emacs 24. salt-mode - Edit Salt States with GNU Emacs 24. Newsticker.el. News Ticker is a built-in Emacs feed reader that doesn't get much attention for some reason. It is feature-rich, handles both RSS 2.0 and Atom feeds Newsticker seems like a good option.
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Se hela listan på emacswiki.org I have removed newsticker 1.10 included in emacs, and reinstalled 1.99. I have also copied you configure setting in your post, but result is the same: news headers have been successfully retrieved into cache. ;;; Commentary:;;;; Newsticker configuration;;;;; Installation:;;;; Put init-newsticker.el to your load-path.;; The load-path is usually ~/elisp/.;; It's set in your ~/.emacs like this:;; (add-to-list 'load-path (expand-file-name "~/elisp"));;;; And the following to your ~/.emacs startup file.;;;; (require ' init-newsticker);;;; No need more. it's easy to group feeds by code (~/.emacs.d/newsticker/groups [1]) and by it's UI (M-a/newsticker-group-add-group to create a group/folder, M-m/newsticker-group-move-feed to move a selected feed to a group), a bit more mechanic than org refiling a heading but in the end similar. Newsticker is the built in RSS-reader and Atom aggregator that comes with Emacs. M-x newsticker-show-news.

Contribute to emacs-mirror/emacs development by creating an account on GitHub. An Emacs configuration bundle with batteries included - purcell/emacs.d. /.org- id-locations. cookies. /newsticker.
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Emacs newsticker

A newsticker is a thing that asynchronously retrieves headlines from a list of news sites, prepares these headlines for reading, and allows for loading the corresponding articles in a web browser. Headlines consist of a title and (possibly) a small description. This is a secondary manual for GNU Emacs, documenting the Emacs Newsticker. It is available in the following formats: HTML - with one web page per node.

Avatar. An Asterisk User. October 20, 2020 at 9:10 pm. Pagination  27 Jan 2020 Let's say you have harvested a dozen of links to various emacs buffers (emails, files, etc.) C-c C-M-l will insert all the links as a list. The related  9 Oct 2016 I started using Emacs because I was looking for a text editor capable of I've read your post using newsticker and it's the best RSS reader I've  2017年2月15日 过上一段时间以后才能正常打开newsticker。 很明显,排除其他配置以后启动 emacs 并不会有这种问题。 以及更新文章后并不会显示新文章,永远  28 Dec 2018 Support RSS. GnusRss – RSS feed support in Gnus is implemented with the ' nnrss' backend.
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Return to the GNU Emacs home page. All Newsticker options are customizable, i.e., they can be changed with Emacs customization methods. Call the command customize-group and enter ‘newsticker’ for the customization group. The following list shows the available groups of Newsticker options and some of the most important options. In this view all headlines of all feeds are displayed in a single buffer (*newsticker*). The modeline in the *newsticker* buffer informs you whenever new headlines have arrived.